How can I succeed at communicating?
Hi. Robert Bystrom here. Congratulations on joining the early stage of Men Rising Now and welcome to the conversation.

The purpose of this video is to orient you to this unique Men Rising Now program so you can get the most out of it.

The first thing I want you to know about Men Rising Now is that it is built to be shared. We have put it together that way because we have a vision of living in a world where people really know how to share ideas and how to listen and how honor the magnificent beings we all are. We want a world where people are comfortable being themselves and hanging out with each other without pretending or defending. Been there done that. Our coffee break webinars are short, most of them being under ten minutes, and designed to inspire conversations precisely because we need to be talking about this stuff.
Now, I know that some of you are interested in the information and the tools in order to straighten out your own close relationships and I am all in favor of that. But some of you might be further along on the path and you welcome being able to turn your brother or maybe someone else in your family onto a new approach; or maybe there is a colleague at work you know who is having a rough time and could really use our Coffee Break Webinars to inspire him and maybe save a relationship or two along the way. Remember the seven dimensions are first about how you relate to you because all your other relationships invariably reflect the way you see and treat and talk to yourself.

That’s the first thing: Men Rising Now is built to be shared. The second thing is that we are going to confront head on the core lie which lives at the root of all our so-called relationship problems, because without doing that, the breakthrough and the deep confidence will never occur. The lie is what I call the sickness with a thousand faces and it entered our culture as long ago as we can find records. That alone is worth the price of admission—which is free. We are going to drag the lie out into the light of day and offend everyone who finds security in the imaginary prison it has created in people’s minds.
Then there’s everything else like actually knowing what you are feeling and being able to talk about it. Then there’s how to use questions to harness the power of your mind, and how to be guided by your intention.
What else? Interviews with men who have gone on adventures and made some fascinating discoveries about human existence. That will be in the “Wise Guys” section.

Here’s the bottom line. I am totally selfish in this regard. I want to live in a free, curious, relationally fluent culture and the seven dimensions and Men Rising Now are things I can do to move things in that direction. The awakening is spontaneously happening world wide, and the leadership is totally decentralized with people taking initiative out of their own gut responses.

Did I mention sex? If you are into it, and I understand some of you are, the practices of seven Dimensions will definitely bring greater pleasure and success in that arena.

So, what might you specifically expect to get from Men Rising Now and Seven Dimensions? The easiest way for me to answer that is to ask you what is the most challenging or outright difficult relationship in your life right now. So, who is it? Right there is one place I would expect you would notice dramatic changes. Is it with your boys not obeying you? It is difficulty making things work in your blended family? Is it friction with your wife or girlfriend? What about you parents or your teenage daughter? Maybe it’s your business partner? Or it could be an issue or a question you have been struggling with all your life. It could be you get emotionally triggered and the habit of loosing your temper has caused some damage. Maybe stuffing emotions has caused a knot in your stomach. Whatever it is for you, that’s where I would look first for results.

The last thing I want to tell you is to get a buddy. This is serious work in addition to bringing light. I know that for some of you there could be property or money or even people’s lives at stake, so I don’t take this lightly and I suggest you don’t either. Find a friend you can watch the coffee break webinars with and discuss what was talked about or what you have questions about. That alone will exponentially increase your results.

I encourage you to use the comments section as well because that is where we build community and I stay in touch with what is important to you.

Your first video in a couple of days will open a conversation about our fathers and the unavoidable influence they have on us. After that will be four lessons on the first four dimensions of personal communicating. I’m doing that so everyone has the same language and reference points for working. You will get to see how easy it is to share Men Rising Now with others in your circle.

Until next time, breathe and stay curious.