Why can’t relating be simple?  Why do I need a whole seven dimensions?  I just want it to be easy.  What is the problem that makes this thing so complicated?

Well, the problem is two-fold.  First, you need to take into consideration that a person is unimaginably complex and that we each bring all of our individual complexity to our relationships.

Second, we grew up with exceedingly simple models of people communicating.  The truth is that relationships that flourish have the capacity to include the entire spectrum of human experience.  The alternative is to live your version of your father and mother or Homer and Marge or Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine or Two and a half men.

Up until now, a fully encompassing approach to recovering our natural ability to relate has not been easily available.  Now, you have options.

The practices associated with the seven dimensions are designed specifically for expanding a man’s knowledge of himself.  Engaging in the seven dimensions practices enables a man to know and be more himself.

You will hear me refer to “default” and “deliberate” settings.  When we are in default mode and on automatic, life is limited.  As Socrates said in his trial for impiety and corrupting youth, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  Deliberately practicing relational skills results in more aliveness, more intelligence and being more you.