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Welcome to Men Rising Now

The purpose of MR Now is to provide men with the information and skills necessary to create exceptional relationships with the people closest to them. 

Because our culture didn’t train us in some of the most important skills in life.

And because everything of value in life depends on it.

This website and coursework provide men with tools and information which are crucial to personal growth and development, especially as we relate with ourselves and others. 

Men Rising Now is for men who recognize how high the stakes are in their personal relationships.  By that I mean this project is for men who have experienced struggle and breakdowns with intimate partners, their children or business associates and they know there has got to be more satisfaction in the time they spend with people.

They know there has got to be more.

What are some outcomes can you expect by participating with Men Rising Now?

According to feedback I have received from former participants, among other possibilities, you can:

  • Understand and accept yourself more readily
  • Feel more confident expressing yourself 
  • Reinvent your marriage or complete a blameless divorce 
  • Create a breakthrough with your teenage son or daughter
  • Come to peace with issues that have plagued you 
  • Talk clearly and responsibly about feelings and emotions 
  • End the critical, what’s-wrong-with-me conversation in your head 
  • Handle emotionally-charged situations without getting triggered 
  • Create a dynamic, new relationship with your father and your mother 
  • Take responsibility for what doesn’t work in your family and turn anger into firm resolve to create change
  • Stop blaming others for what happens to you
It does not matter what you drive, your position in the company, the size of your wall mount big screen or the definition of your abs. The joy, the pleasure, the deep satisfaction in life comes in the fleeting, in-the-moment interactions with other people and with yourself.  If you are not getting it there, life is going to be pretty empty.

What is Men Rising Now?

Men Rising Now is a project of the Seven Dimensions of Relating.  MR Now is a conversation about what is possible for men beyond the limits we have placed on ourselves for countless generations.  It is a newly forming virtual gathering for men with a focus on transforming their ability to relate to themselves and others. It is a place to learn skills, ask questions, explore, inspire and be inspired.


A message
To Men

You and I grew up in a culture that has failed its boys and young men in preparing them in the most critical area of life, which is how to fulfill the possibility and responsibility of being adult men who are leaders in their own lives and families.

There is nothing wrong with you if you haven’t mastered relating and communicating the way you may have seen on TV or in the movies. We are all in recovery of our manhood.

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