I hope you are doing well today and are ready to begin unraveling one of life’s great mysteries and one of life’s great problem areas that does not need to be a problem any longer.

When I sit down to write a script, the first thing I usually do is bring the subject to mind and ask myself what do I need to know about what is important for people to hear about the subject?  On this particular subject, I found it almost impossible to concentrate and stay focused until it dawned on me that that is precisely where most people’s thinking is on the subject of love, which is undoubtedly one of the most significant experiences of human existence and seriously troublesome at the same time.  Would you agree?

So that is where I will begin, by addressing the massive confusion in this culture about the nature of love, what it is, where it comes from, how it works, how can a person get more of it or hang onto what they have or recover what they lost or rekindle it with an intimate partner.  I’ve heard things like, “She used to love me and now she tries to beat me up.”  What is going on?

A huge contributor to this confusion is the fact that the word itself refers to many very different experiences.  For example, we use love to describe sweaty sexual arousal as well as we love kalamata olives and we love living in Virginia.  We use love to express a desperate need and longing for someone as well as for effusive, drunken abandon, “I love everyone!”