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MR Now has been created because in recent decades we have seen a crisis in masculinity, which has become a true crisis.  Breakdowns in business and personal relationships cost money, time and aliveness and are symptoms of a deeper malady.  MRN has been created to provide tools and information critical to recovering our true masculine power and presence.

Difficult situations between people invariably show up unannounced and unprepared for. Guaranteed. Effective relating boils down to how good you are at improvising as you go and invent interactions on the fly.  That is why in MR Now we stress practice.

MR Now is a virtual gathering place for men to gain valuable information, learn essential skills, ask questions and share insights.

Robert Bystrom

Robert Bystrom, the author of Communicating for Life and creator of the Seven Dimensions of Relating™ coursework and the developer of the Radical Theory of Question Driven Thinking™ was a successful personal coach and seminar leader in the San Francisco Bay Area prior to his third divorce years ago. People sought him out for advice and direction, but in his own life, he had hit a wall. 

“I had taken the courses and read the books, I even taught courses and had a dedicated following. But I didn’t know for myself what I needed to know. There were some fundamental truths about personal relationships and communicating that had eluded me all my life. Because the people close to me were crucial to everything I did in life, I dedicated myself to uncovering whatever it would take to learn what I had been missing.

“I became an avid student of relationships and how people interact in real life.  I found it wasn’t just me who didn’t have a handle on how to deal with people up close. My personal situation turned out to be our culture’s most common limitation.”




Robert’s dedication became the book, Communicating for Life, and the courses and consultations which trained hundreds of people in the essential skills of relating and communicating with the most important people in their lives. The purpose of his work is to help people recover their birthright to the greatest treasures of human existence.  The greatest treasures in life lie in the opportunities presented every day in the form of family members, friends and colleagues.

I am championing the spontaneous global awakening which is taking place in individual men and women around the world.  More and more individuals are becoming aware of what it means to be alert to life and aware of larger, more inclusive perspectives of what is happening and what is actually possible.”

Robert has coached business leaders and managers and small business owners in Scandinavia and the US. A charter member of Coachville (now, ICF), he facilitated the formation of the Nordic Coaching Federation (now ICF, Norway).

In addition to coaching, teaching and writing, Robert has been an award winning artist.  His media include wood carving, bronze sculpting, sumi-e brush and ink, kinetic sculpture and watercolors. 


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Author’s photo by Jade Liu

“Wrestlers” by Emile Friant

“Raven Welcoming the Canoe People” by Peter James and Robert Bystrom