“Energy” refers to the vast range of what a person can actually feel–not think, but feel as wordless sensations–everything from feeling a headache or an itch or feeling sexually turned on to feeling chills down the spine or feeling waves of energy or feeling the presence of a familiar person when they are not physically present.

“Wordless” is the operative term here.  It’s when we have to search for unfamiliar ways to describe what is happening inside us.   For many men it is difficult to actually notice what is happening short of orgasmic pleasure or excruciating pain.

Life is literally the movement of energy.  The degree to which a person is sensitive to it, is the degree to which they are alive.

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  1. This is the dimension in which a man moves into his body and occupies the physical sensations which are zipping, zapping and slogging their way around. I one sense, this is the most difficult area of all because our bodies tend to be the most ignored component of our lives, especially how they feel to us. The way our bodies feel, largely due to our ignoring them and numbing them, is where we have the most reclaiming work to do. But the rewards for feeling them are over the top! When you know what life is like in your skin, you can begin to imagine wha it is like in someone else’s skin. That is the essence of compassion.